Recently I had the chance to help a local charity and produce some video content for them. The Education Centre for Children with Down Syndrome or ECCDS (for short) is an amazing charity. As the charity name suggests ECCDS provide educational services for children with Down Syndrome across the North East. The service they provide has such a big impact on the children who attend their groups as well as their parents.

I first met Janet the CEO for the charity at a local business networking event. After having a quick chat over coffee and bacon sandwiches, we decided to arrange a meeting so we could have a more in-depth chat with each other.

During my meeting with Janet, we discussed their existing video as well as their marketing approach as whole and how it all fitted in together. It is important to understand where video fits into the overall marketing plan and what you are trying to achieve by using video.

As we chatted about the charity, Janet showed me some of the example photography that parents had taken, I began to see a different side to the charity that was more than just education, but also giving the children a opportunity to express themselves through play and interact with children their own age.

We came to the conclusion that ECCDS needed to update their video.

I didn’t see the point in recreating a carbon copy of their existing video. I felt the charity should use the power of video to its full effect and that we should create a more emotive video. I wanted to capture the children not only learning and enjoying being at the group, but also to show the children laughing and smiling. This for me would capture how ECCDS help the children who use their service.

I also wanted to create the video that would allow ECCDS to use it on allow platforms such as their website, social media and at events too.

After filming at their different venues, I made a video that I felt represented the charity perfectly. I wanted to create a video that would encourage an emotional connection to the viewer and encourage them to find out more about the charity, but also show new parents with a child with Down Syndrome that this was the perfect place for their child to develop.

So please let me know what you think to the video we created for ECCDS.

If you want to find out more about the charity or how you can support them please go to